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During the lockdown period of Corona Virus in the UK 2020 Joel commissioned artists that he had worked with before to create some pieces that reflected their own experience of this time period. Please enjoy the artwork below.   


1) Lockdown Hope - Jason Walton - Mixed media on recycled cardboard. I used the cardboard as I have so many deliveries the past couple of months that cardboard has become a part of my life. Being at one with nature has been the best thing about lockdown. Having daily walks with my partner and seeing all the wildlife in the early mornings. Especially the squirrels.

2) Lonely Joe’s Got The Lockdown Blues - Amy Kam

Amy imagines Joe's inner thoughts:“Feeling alone, feeling insecure, feeling fear in my heart and feeling strange in this new world during the pandemic lockdown.  However I’m still positive, support and trust that the NHS could bring us all hope.  I say to myself I need to stay strong and the dawn will come soon." 


I painted this picture whilst listening to ‘Hiding a Feeling’ and I tried to put myself into Lonely Joe’s shoes to express his feelings. The main colours of the background is Prussian Blue and Mid Grey which brings out the blues theme. 


3) Covered by Weary Eyelids - David Leapman, © David Leapman 2020, gold ink and watercolor on paper, 19x28cm. Purchased for an inspiring cause to help artists through the difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many artists have found it very difficult as exhibitions and sale opportunities have disappeared. In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress @matthewburrowsstudio has instigated the #artistsupportpledge 

4) Lonely Joe Eye - Lauren Guest - This was commissioned for the Lonely Joe project.

5) Blue Lights & Sirens - Lauren Guest - “My dad works on the ambulance service and I am proud of his dedication to helping others during this scary time. Many good things are occurring amongst bad things such as community, kindness and the healing of our earth. Although the news flooding in from all directions may be overwhelming, we must focus on doing the next right thing. ❤️”


1) The Angel - Jason Walton - Created when Jason knew his Uncle was very sick. Sadly the next day he passed away.


2) Untitled - Jason Walton - Created to lift the spirits during the lockdown 2020.

3) Indetermined Desert - Jason Walton - Hand painted during early lockdown.

3) Reluctant Muse - Neena Ali is a British Artist who has been based in Asia for almost 15 years. Neena is a self taught artist who founded and ran The Art Room studio in Singapore for 6 years. Neena is friends with Lonely Joe co-creator Jan Osborne, and we are delighted to be allowed to share her work here.

4) Untitled - Romy Antrobus - Photo taken on 35mm film April 2020.

5) Untitled - Romy Antrobus - Photo taken on 35mm film April 2020.