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Behind the scenes

The entire Lonely Joe project was filmed and recorded during the UK lockdown period. Joel Goodman would compose and write short scenes and send them out to performers to record. Below are some of the behind the scenes moments from the project.

The wonderful storyboard that James created for episode 2.

A bit of comedy as Molly is blown over by the wind.

See where Joel works on the Lonely Joe episodes.

At a time like this

A poem written by Joel that never made it into the series.


Ciaran Walshe auditioned for Lonely Joe via pre-recorded Spotlight material. He followed up the audition with an impromptu chat with Joel at midnight. Joel wrote to him "I am a spontaneous person. You got the part now go to sleep". The excited response is too RUDE to type here. WELL DONE Ciaran.

The storyboard for the very moving episode 3. Created by James Rowland.


James Rowland converted his home into a recording studio for the fifth episode of Lonely Joe and the sound quality was the best in the project to that point.


Ciaran filming for his debut in episode 6. 11/06/2020


James enrolled his good friend Stephen to help him film episode 7, A Compromise.

For episode 8 I used a coat hanger and a go-pro to create the spinning effect. It just took a bit of trial and error and lots of sellotape.


For episode 9 I sent this demonstration video to the cast to show how I wanted the dream scene filmed.

For episode 10 Joel jotted down a plan on a scrap of paper at his usual time of writing which is after midnight.

IMG_5264 2.JPG

On set for episode 8 looking over Croydon. 28/06/2020

The first time Joel and James worked in person during the whole project.

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