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quarantine and me!

Joel stumbled across the wonderfully eccentric, imaginative and creative videos of Quarantine and Me! on his Facebook newsfeed during the UK lockdown of Corona Virus 2020. The videos have been created by Simeon Weedall during his mandatory quarantine period after returning from New York during the same time period. Joel's personal favourite video in the Quarantine and Me! series is Inter-Dimensional Dave.


Simeon Weedall

Simeon Weedall has over 26 years experience performing and teaching rhythm tap. Simeon began tap dancing at the age of 10 yrs old and later decided he would try to pursue tap not only as a career but also as a way of life. Having spent time studying all forms of theatre Simeon landed his first big job in Chicago the musical West End. Simeon joined the cast of STOMP London then toured with the show and is now resident in the New York production. 

ID Dave 3
At The End Of The Bed
NASA discovery
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