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Follow Lonely Joe's journey...


Episode 1

you and Me On the Screen

Episode 1 we get to meet Lonely Joe. We are just at the beginning of lockdown and Joe is not feeling that happy. Joe is a man who very much struggles with his own company so he is really looking forward to a Zoom chat with his close friend Laura. Joe has never used Zoom before so things get off to a bumpy start. He soon realises that seeing and hearing his friend on the screen makes him feel much happier.

Episode 2

today's gonna be different

Episode 3

I'm hiding a feeling

Episode 2 Joe is living a rather isolated life as he lives alone and he is following the rules of lockdown very closely. One of the most positive things that Joe does for himself is an online workout once a week. He knows he should do it more often as it always makes him feel better afterwards. His trainer Jess takes no prisoners and certainly makes him work up a sweat.

Episode 4

back up in the sky

Episode 3 perhaps the saddest episode of the whole series. We learn that Joe is hiding a feeling of deep depression. The song and video tell the story of a man contemplating suicide but we are not sure why. Lockdown has really taken its tole on Joe's mental health, which he was already struggling with before.

Episode 4 we meet Joe's colleague and friend, Ryan. Together they work as air hosts and they love their job. They are truly missing working and the exotic lifestyle as they fly all over the world together on different flight paths. Joe and Ryan have a good laugh pretending to be on holiday.

Episode 5

Another year older

Episode 5 Joe is really gutted to be having a lockdown birthday. He was hoping for a night out on the town or to stroll along an exotic beach. His day doesn't even start that well after failed phone calls and lazy messages from friends and family. But his sister organises him a little lockdown surprise...

episode 6

the man I want to be

Episode 6 We finally learn why Joe is so lonely. He has broken up with his boyfriend, Ash. We don't know why yet but we can see that both men are clearly effected. The Man I Want To Be is a song in which both men express their desire to be better than they are.

episode 7

A compromise

Episode 7 Joe is fed up of all the compromises that lockdown means he must make. His friends and family have also really had enough of it all and want to start living life again. We can see that Joe still thinks of Ash which adds to his emotional struggle.

episode 8

the horizon

Episode 8 Lonely Joe is sensing that the lockdown is nearly over. He cannot wait to escape to the horizon to see friends and family and explore new places.

episode 9 

The night's the worst

Episode 9 Joe has been finding the nights extremely difficult to deal with during the lockdown. The darkness and the feeling of being alone is too much for him at this time of day. When he does manage to fall asleep his dreams are not so bad.

episode 10 

breaking news

Episode 10 FINALLY the end of lockdown has been announced!!! Joe is no longer feeling so lonely and people all across the country begin to feel the future may be brighter.

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